“I am doing well in my life–not in spite of my disability–but, because of it.”- me  🙂

Ten years ago, I was at a cross-roads in my life, bankrupt, doomed to start an office manager job at half the salary I was making before I sold my business and filed for bankruptcy. I was to start the job on the Tuesday following labor day weekend. However on Friday night, I went to bed with a black widow spider. It bit me twice, and I ended up in the hospital for four days, sicker than I’d ever been before in my life–or so it seemed. The following Saturday on Yom Kippur and Brazilian Independence Day–9/7/02–I had a stroke, which has left me mostly immobile with left-side paralysis. Thankfully, I can think and move about independently enough to live on my own, attend graduate school and volunteer in the local community. My M.A. is almost complete. My thesis is “Students with Disabilities and Study Abroad.” Talk about turning lemons into lemon merengue pie, I had always wanted to study abroad in Brazil, and finally got to do so this past June through August, see my story here:

It has been a long journey. As I have reminisced on memories from my younger years these last few days, I really didn’t have a clue as to my reason for being here on this planet until that spider bite woke me up ten years a pre-stroke–I was very fortunate in many ways–but, I really didn’t apply all that previous experience in useful, MINDFUL ways until post-stroke. I feel I am more aware and appreciative of the simple yet important things in life than before. And that’s my story…for now…more to come, I hope…


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