Sunday morning, in the middle of a three day weekend, and I wake up in a panic.  I  feel like I am not doing things right to prepare my time in Rio. I still have six weeks before I depart for Brazil.  But, I realize I’m trying to do all this trip planning on my own, and I just cannot do it all.

I realize–and not too late, since I still have over a month before I travel–I need a point person in Rio that can set things up for me on the other end to help me make appropriate arrangements that I cannot do from here. They can be sure all is ready for me when I get there–i.e., have a power wheel chair rented and waiting for me, as well as to assist in arranging an accessible place for me to stay near IBEU, my program location.

Although I have feelers out I may not hear back until Tuesday because of the long holiday weekend.  I must be patient, I know.

Fique tranquila, Guida!  Stay calm, woman!!


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  1. Guida – I love this blog! Keep it up! It is a great way to learn along with you. Seems your are thinking things through very thoroughly and that can only lead to success. Sooner than later would be best tho, right? Cheering you on!

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